the sugar story...

Hi! I'm CLaudia, your sugar dealer

I've been baking ever since I was a kid, and have dreamed of owning my very own lil bakery for almost as long.

I started THE SUGAR DEALER in 2022 after a long lockdown spent perfecting my delicious brownie recipe. I was 18, working at Subway and making brownies on the side!

i really love brownies

I love baking them, I love eating them. And with ice cream, omg perfection 😻😻

I actually didn't start The Sugar Dealer with the intention of it being solely brownies, originally it was going to be a little bit of everything - ya know, like cookies and cupcakes and stuff.

Butttt you guys loved the brownies so much that I didn't have time for anything except brownies!

our brownies are built different

You can't make brownies as good as ours with cheap ingredients.

We use all of New Zealand's finest ingredients - Westgold butter, free range eggs and HEAPSSSS of Whittakers chocolate.

Quality is super important to us :)

Sugar that spreads happiness

To us success is not just measured by the amount of money we make, but by the positive impact we make on society, and you!

The Sugar Dealer's mission is to make a day everyday, because we know it's the little things in life, like a compliment from a stranger or a surprise box of brownies, that can really brighten a persons day!

Earth day everyday

We believe sustainability is not an option for businesses, but an obligation. It is our responsibility to protect the world and it's people, which is why we put both environmental and social sustainability at the front of all our decision making.

We pride ourselves in having strong integrity - if something we do or support doesn't align with our values, we won't do it. We put good practice above money.

Here's how we bake and package your brownies in the most sustainable way possible...

  • no-issue eco packaging alliance

    Packaging often isn't reused, so we made sure to get ours from a sustainable supplier, NoIssue! And we've joined their eco packaging alliance - they plant trees when we order packaging from them, so far we've planted over 50 trees! We also use Geami paper instead of plastic bubble wrap when packaging your orders :)

  • ethical eggs

    Baking all of your brownies uses HEAPS of eggs. Just because caged eggs are banned doesn't mean all eggs are ethical - many farms are overcrowded or still keep their chickens locked inside a barn. We get our eggs from a reputable free range egg farm. Their chickens have plenty of space to live a nice happy life, and brownies just taste better when you know the eggs were laid by happy chickens!

  • Good honest chocolate

    We use plenty of Whittakers chocolate in our delicious brownies. We chose to use their chocolate not only because it's NZ made, but also because they're committed to sustainability - their chocolate is palm oil and GMO free, and their cocoa sourcing is Rainforest Alliance Certified!

  • Carbon neutral delivery where possible

    We courier your brownies all around New Zealand. That's a lot of travelling, anddddd a lot of emissions :( Thankfully we use Urgent Couriers, a carbon neutral courier company, to deliver a lot of our brownies! Sadly they don't deliver nationwide, but we use them everywhere we can :)

  • Renewable energy

    Bakeries use a LOT of power. The Sugar Dealer is proud to say we get our power from Meridian, a company that gets their power from 100% renewable sources!

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