In store menu

brownie shakes, $13

A delicious milkshake made with your choice of ice cream flavour, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and half a brownie :)

Flavours -

vanilla, nutella, oreo, fairy bread, s'mores, choc fudge, boysenberry cheesecake, coffee

Brownie sundaes, $9

2 small scoops of your choice of ice cream flavour, chunks of hot fudgy brownies, whipped cream and chocolate sauce :)

Flavours -

vanilla, choc fudge, oreo, s'mores, boysenberry cheesecake, fairy bread

freshly baked brownies

1 piece - $5.50

3 pieces - $15

6 pieces - $28

Full size (16 pieces) - $59

brownie flavours

We sell all of our classic brownie flavours in store, plus a bunch of extra flavours which aren't online! Here's what we're stocking at the moment -

OG chocolate, oreo cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, nutella, kinder, black forest, caramel, coconut, jelly tip, biscoff